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Short Currency ETF


All the ETFs listed on this website can be bought to go long the main currency these ETFs are directly exposed to while selling US dollars. While shorting these ETFs will give investors a short exposure to those currencies against the US dollar, many investors prefer to gain short exposure to a currency by simply buying an ETF because many brokerage accounts, such as an IRA, do not allow short selling.

Below is a list of short currency ETFs that can be bought to give an investor a short position in those currencies.


Short Currency ETFs ETF Symbol Exposure  
Short Euro ETF Market Vectors Double Short Euro ETN DRR USD/EUR x2
UltraShort Euro ProShares EUO USD/EUR x2
Short Yen ETF UltraShort Yen ProShares YCS USD/JPY x2
Short US Dollar ETF PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish ETF UDN G10/USD  




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